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Case studies now in the public domain

Smart use of low volume screen print facility with standardised patterns (screens) but multiple colours. Provided customer choice, reduced investment and working capital. Utilisation rates, plus a re-emphasised the bespoke laminate service (UK), protected the facility and staffing, ensuring continuation of high margin product offer capability.

Mont Blanc Group website June 2018.JPG
Mont Blanc Xplore.jpg
Transformational digital strategy (Formica Group, Laminates & Panels)

Prior to the Digital (external) strategy.....disparate local sites, variable use of channels, inconsistent brand imagery and out of date content. Typically, an on-line brochure. Confusing and rarely used by consumers.

After the Digital (external) strategy.....common platform, multi-channel, consistent, single source of truth, actively managed (still local content), relevant to consumers, adds value, captures consumers, linked to an eCRM, ERP, HRM etc.

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